About Waitomo Caves

  • About Waitomo Caves

About Waitomo

Visit the Waitomo Caves and explore a subterranean world of limestone formations, majestic caverns and magical glowworm grottos.

The magical Waitomo Caves have been attracting visitors for more than 120 years, thanks to their incredible limestone formations and luminescent glowworms. ‘Wai’ is the Māori word for ‘water’, while ‘tomo’ means a hole in the ground.

The cave system is located beneath the rolling green countryside of the King Country, one of New Zealand’s prime farming regions. Step into the belly of Waitomo for an unforgettable experience as you walk through majestic caverns, discover limestone shafts, marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites and enjoy a boat ride through a grotto lit by thousands of tiny native New Zealand glowworms.